• Advance systemic reforms
    and initiatives that have large impact

    We create competitive conditions for all participants in the arms market of Ukraine

  • Involvement and accompany
    of foreign investors in Ukraine

    We are working to create an attractive investment environment
    and effective investment return mechanisms

  • Uniting the private sector of the
    Ukrainian defense industry

    We promote national manufacturers to international markets
    and build joint ventures with foreign manufacturers

We are determined to fulfill our goals and services

What we do

We are creating the added value
for all market players

Why Join Us?

WE ARE THE ONLY ASSOCIATION in Ukraine to advocate the interests of both the Private Business and warfighters at Parliment, the Government and at the front line. Our members and foreign Partners enjoy real benefits working with us.

Our services for members

  • Presentation of your equipment to decision-makers of any ukrainian defense & security agency;
  • Put weapons into service of State Authorities - full legal support from the moment of initiation to the adoption of products by the customer;
  • Development of internal co-operation - selection of partners and integrators for your equipment in Ukraine and internationally;
  • Lobbying;
  • Public media and marketing support;
  • Negotiations regarding the business development in Ukraine and internationaly;
  • Access to foreign technology through a network of foreign partner associations;
  • Advisory services and analytics on the product strategy of your Business;
  • Full stack legal/security support counteracting raider hijacking.

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About Association

Association of Ukrainian Defense Manufactures united leading Ukrainian Defense Companies.

Policy Agenda

AUDM works to strengthen the government-industry partnership through the dialogue, education and cooperation with Government and Parliament.

Mission AUDM

We are engaging the thoughtful and innovative industry leaders
(1) to promote and adopt the best defense and security practices and policies addressing the need of warfighters and everyone who ensure the safety and security of our nation in defense equipment and advanced defense technologies;
(2) to adress the national security and defense issues to Parliment and Government with a primary focus on rapid defense industry development.

Vision / Vision AUDM 2020:

The Association is the trusted leader in defense and national security sector providing comprehensive support to the state institutions to draft laws and policies in the sector of defense industry, as well as certain issues of defense and government contracts.


(1) to promote and increase defense capacity of Ukraine by re-arming its Armed Forces with latest arms and military equipment;
(2) to provide maximum compatibility to NATO military standards.


Member Enterprises


Investment Projects


Legislative Initiatives