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The key value of the Association is responsible leadership. We work in accordance with the best international practices of government relations and rely on our work as a reputation and experience of our member companies, as well as on personal relationships with market experts and political players that have been developed for decades.

Due to this, we create for industry leaders the conditions of influence on the formation of state policy in the field of development of defense industry and international military-industrial cooperation. Joint efforts of the enterprise are able to solve the important issue for business development by developing proposals and policies aimed at improving the essential conditions for business and simplifying bureaucratic procedure

In recent years, the Association members, together with market experts, have been thoroughly working on drafting legislative changes and internal regulations of executive bodies aimed at deregulation, creating investment-friendly conditions and liberalizing economic relations in the defense industry segment. It should be noted that the question of the possibility of direct export of products of own production and import of components, elemental base remains the cornerstone in questions of relations between the state and busines

The work of the Platform for Cooperation of Industry Leaders, academics and government has resulted in the development of proposals for a number of normative acts:

Law of Ukraine “On State Control over International Transfers of Military and Dual-Use Goods”

Draft “On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine”

The explanatory note to the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law of Ukraine

Comparative table to the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law of Ukraine

Law of Ukraine “On Foreign Economic Activity”

Draft “On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine”

The explanatory note to the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law of Ukraine

Comparative table to the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law of Ukraine

The Law of Ukraine “On the Establishment and Manufacture of Armaments, Military and Special Equipment”

Conclusion on the draft Law of Ukraine on the creation and production of armaments, military and special equipment

Reference: At the request of MERT, the Association held a series of meetings for the elaboration of a draft Law prepared by the Ministry of Ukraine. The result of the work was a unanimous proposal to return the document for revision.

The document lays down rules that fundamentally strengthen the Soviet ideology and actually nullify the private initiative in the field of defense industry.

Article 28 essentially lays down a provision that blocks the possibility of creating weapons and equipment under the orders of other countries, which is known to be the key entry point for the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

It is important to emphasize that in the opinion of the professional community, the “new ideology of business simplification” should be laid down, the business process should be clearly described with all permitting procedures and mechanisms for their implementation.


Statutory acts of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the General Staff of the Armed Forces

On the initiative of the Executive Directorate of the Association amendments were made to the CMU Resolution No.464 “DOS Question” in relation to the exclusion of the requirement, in the case of partial payment of products (services) the oriented product price (service) is not revised.

A positive response was received on joint cooperation on the elaboration of normative legal acts on the issues of development (modernization) of weapons

The draft order of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine No. 416 “Procedure for the development (modernization) and adoption (supply) of the Armed Forces of Ukraine of armament, military and special equipment” was prepared. It is being processed together with representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Initiated proposal to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine to maximize the inclusion of procurement of individual armaments nomenclature through the ProZorro system with the application of the Law “On Public Procurement”. To this end, it is planned to involve the representatives of AUDM to work in the created working groups of the Ministry of Defense.

The appeal is directed to the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Deputy Minister of Defense, Chiefs of Chief and Central Services of Provision on providing the Association with information about the need of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in armament, military equipment, which needs repairs (upgrades) of production (creation of analogues) of developments. To date, a list has been received from the Central Missile and Artillery Department.

According to the preliminary agreement with the Ministry of Defense, proposals are being made to remove the restriction of access denomination from the legal documents of the Soviet era (military, State Standards, SPRPP), which regulate the production of armaments. In the future, it is envisaged to revise the GOSTs of the Soviet era in the orders of the Ministry of Defense during the development of samples of weapons;

A formed working group with the involvement of former representatives of military missions and the Executive Directorate on simplification of the pricing mechanism (rejection of RCM). The draft algorithm is prepared, the work continues.

We are more than just the Association. Today, we are a universal tool for business and government – a platform for cooperation between industry leaders, academics and the government in developing solutions and policies aimed at implementing national interests and needs in the security and defense sector, with a focus on the development of the Cluster of the defense industry of Ukraine.


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