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Independence Day of Ukraine

The companies of the Association took an active part in the military parade, we would like to emphasize a special case:Thus, on December 12, 2020, on the Day of Land Forces, on the territory of the 169th Desna Training Center, the Chairman of the Board of the Association Ruslan DZHALILOV presented to the President of Ukraine – Supreme Commander-in-Chief Volodymyr ZELENSKY the concept of

The President enthusiastically welcomed the prospect of using such equipment and supported the initiative of the Chairman of the Board on the need to demonstrate robotics to the people of Ukraine during a festive parade on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence. After promising to be ready to fulfill this task, the Chairman of the Board Ruslan DZHALILOV consolidated all the companies on the immediate organization of the preparation of samples for the parade.

The result of the work, despite the lack of financial support from the state, was the perfect performance of the Association’s task and the mechanized column was a box with robotic ground complexes. We would like to emphasize that in a short time and at its own expense, the company SYNERGIA under the auspices of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief has developed a new and modern multi-purpose conveyor front edge BTPC “PEACEKEEPER”.

The people of Ukraine and the world community praised the work of the Association’s management and its companies. This event raised the reputation of the state in the complex industry.

Based on high achievements in the strategic field of industry, to maintain the moral, patriotic mood and spirit of the public union, to thank the citizens of Ukraine for their dedicated work to improve the defense capabilities of our state, we asked the Office of the President of Ukraine for state awards:

Chairman of the Board of the Public Union “Association of Manufacturers of Arms and Military Equipment of Ukraine” – Ruslan Vladimirovich JALILOV;

Technical Director of LLC “Design and Production Enterprise” SYNERGY “- KUZMA Alexander Alexandrovich;

Mykola Oleksandrovych BONDARENKO, Chief Designer of SYNERGY Design and Production Enterprise LLC;

Director of SPETSERVICE LLC OLYSCHUK Mykola Viktorovych.

We hope for the support of the private defense and industrial sector of the country and further cooperation in improving the material and technical equipment of our army.

Chairman of the Board

Reserve Lieutenant General Dmitry Umanets