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The Association continues its activities to study the real material and technical condition of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, existing problems and ways to solve them. We know that for guaranteed and reliable performance of unit management tasks during daily activities, combat training and combat missions, unit commanders from battalion commander to commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine desperately need reliable and military army vehicles. We understand that today in our country there is no production of this class of army cars, and their development and further organization of serial production will take at least 5-10 years. Given the experience of the world’s leading countries, the way to solve this problem for our country is the same – the purchase of foreign analogues.



We analyzed the existing foreign analogues of army vehicles (which can be equipped with weapons) and the availability of favorable conditions for further staffing of our units and came to the conclusion that this can only be a light tactical highly mobile multi-purpose wheeled car HMMWV “GAMVI”. The main advantages that undoubtedly convinced us of the need to select the specified army vehicle (as technical: the specified car of military execution which proved itself in military operations as the reliable and faultless assistant to the commander (soldier) in fight; from the United States to the Armed Forces of Ukraine as material and technical assistance transferred at least 300 units. HMMWV “GAMWI” ie the issue of unification should be in the first place; It is possible to allocate partial financial assistance from the United States for the purchase of these army cars from the American company AM General, provided the organization of car production in Ukraine (we know that this company is ready to establish car production in Ukraine, provided the need to purchase these army cars Armed Forces and other law enforcement agencies of Ukraine). This is logical and fair to our strategic partner, namely the United States. Our country must be realistic about solving the problem of providing our army. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine should not engage in endless processes, imitation of the creation of something new, as was the case with the well-known research and development work “SAIGAK”. The whole country is aware of the impossibility of creating this class of cars in the country today.

At the same time, the position of the military, especially the battle and brigade units, must be resolute and persistent, if necessary, they must demand it, and not wait until the domestic manufacturer is able to satisfy it. We hope that the leadership of the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of Ukraine will pay attention to the planned purchase of light tactical highly mobile multi-purpose multi-purpose wheeled vehicles HMMWV “GAMVI”, due to allocated financial resources from the United States, provided annually as military technical assistance.