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TASKO Corporation

organization of designing, manufacture and upgrading of infantry arms, ammunition for artillery and infantry arms, air and sea attack facilities, as well as their components at the corporation’s founder-companies and own productive capacity.

recycling of ammunition and manufacture of civil and special purpose produce out of the utilization products.

development of information protection means. a crypto phone special celluar phone tasko-s cryptographic device for confidential conversation protection in gsm 900/1800 standard mobile communication has been designed, certified and introduced in the market of ukraine. a cryptographic system of confidential conversation protection has been created for other communication systems as well, namely: cdma-2000, mpt-1327 trunk communication, stationary tch-telephony; some modules are being designed whose purpose is to protect banking information transmitted via common communication network. the corporation also seeks and attracts orders for their further placement at ukrainian companies, and attracts investments in order to organize manufacture of various general technical and special purpose products both for domestic consumers and foreign customers.

TASKO carried out export and import of special purpose products manufactured and consumed by the corporation’s founder companies via the “TASKO-export” national foreign trade firm appropriately authorized by the government of ukraine.