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Congratulations on the bright holiday of the Holy Trinity

I cordially congratulate all Christians on one of the greatest Orthodox holidays – the bright holiday of the Holy Trinity!

On the fiftieth day after the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles and blessed them to bring the word of God into the world. This day is traditionally considered to be the beginning of the history of the Church.

This majestic holiday is a celebration of faith in God, spirituality and morality. The Feast of the Trinity gives us all the strength to live, to fight evil, to be sure that truth and love always win, that faith works wonders.

May peace, happiness, joy, peace and God’s grace come to your families together with rose petals and fresh greenery. May this holiday inspire you to good deeds and fill your hearts with forgiveness and love for others, give everyone family comfort and well-being, bring happiness and confidence in the future.

I wish you peace of mind, harmony, wisdom, good deeds, happiness and health.

Chairman of the Board