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The victory they want to forget

Today, the European mass media prefer to forget about the tragic events of the Second World War, and about the role of the Victory over Hitler’s Germany in the fate of their countries in particular. To the question: “How many days did your countries resist Hitler?” To be silent. So: all of Europe was conquered in three months. And she had to be released by Soviet soldiers, among whom almost every second was a Ukrainian. And at what price! A million lives of our soldiers, devoted to the liberation of Europeans from fascism.

But Europe prefers to forget about it. And we need to remind who freed them from fascism, and that without an Independent and Sovereign Ukraine there will be no European Union!

We will remember!

When our Victory is tried to be silenced, forgotten, erased from the memory of whole generations and peoples, it is not superfluous to remind once again that in the Second World War against the troops of Hitler’s Germany they lasted:

Denmark – 6 hours;

Luxembourg – 1 day;

Holland – 5 days;

Yugoslavia – 11 days;

Belgium – 18 days;

Greece – 24 days;

France – 1 month and 12 days;

Norway – 2 months and 1 day.

The Soviet Union lasted four years (1418 days) and ended the war in the lair of the enemy – Hitler’s Germany capitulated.

Everyone should remember this. We need to tell our children and grandchildren about this – to remember!