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Defense Ministry abandons Lviv Dozors, buy their Polish copy of Oncilla through Cyprus

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine refused to purchase Dozor-B armored vehicles manufactured by the Lviv Armored Plant. The Ukrainian Defense Office has preferred the Polish Oncilla, which is being promoted by a company incorporated in Cyprus. This is stated in the story “Donbass Realities”.

In 2017, Petro Poroshenko personally promised to buy Dozors for the Ukrainian army.

“I am very pleased to hear positive feedback from the military about the quality of your work,” Poroshenko said at the plant.

The Ukrainian armored car was first shown in 2004, in 2014, Alexander Turchynov, at that time the NSDC secretary, stated that two hundred such vehicles would be purchased for Ukrainian security officers.

But in the nearly 15 years of the Watch’s existence, only a dozen armored personnel have been deployed in the troops. The first and the last party were sent to the Armed Forces in 2016. And even with significant delays due to shortcomings. According to Poroshenko, the shortcomings were to be eliminated.

“There were no orders for Dozor-B after 2016. We do not release Dozers anymore. I asked the Minister of Defense the eye, because why, Mr Minister, why do you not order the Watch? All! He didn’t say anything, ”says Victor Androshchuk, director of the Lviv Armored Plant.

The Defense Ministry confirmed that in three years, indeed, they had not bought any Ukrainian Dozor.

Military expert Sergey Zgurets told about the shortcomings of the car.

“There were about seven shortcomings. They concerned the temperature in the airborne compartment, which was higher than necessary. They were about noise that exceeded the allowable level, they were primarily about the mass, which was determined by the terms of reference, ”he says.

At the same time, the Ministry of Defense reported that they were interested in another car.

“The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, in accordance with the state defense order for 2018 and 2019, purchases Polish Oncilla 4X4 armored personnel carriers (analog of TBKM” Dozor-B “),” the ministry replied to the request of journalists.

In response, it is also reported that the shooting of armored vehicles is inappropriate (The Defense Ministry has not previously reported that these armored vehicles have already been put into service by the Ukrainian army).

The external similarity of the Polish “Oncilla” with the “Watch” is not accidental. The fact is that “Oncilla” was created on the basis of domestic development. To this end, Poland purchased a production license in Ukraine.

The first “Oncilla” was introduced in 2013, almost 10 years later than the Ukrainian twin. But according to experts, this did not prevent the Poles to surpass their domestic counterpart.

“According to the Oncilla military, the machine is assembled better inside, more spacious inside, the layout is made more interesting. The car is noisy inside, the brake system is satisfactory. The charge goes from the inside, ”says military expert Ruslan Dzhalilov.

In the Association of Manufacturers of Arms believe – it was necessary to refine the Ukrainian armored car, and not give preference to foreign models.

“We show our weakness. This is our loss. Then let me propose to abandon the T-64BV or Bulat tank next and move on to the Leklerki (French tank, edit). Let’s slowly give up everything, we will be completely dependent on everything imported. We will maximize ourselves by five percent because we have the financial resources. The economy is worth it, there is no development, then we will move to the flapper blades, ”Jalilov said.

Meanwhile, export of Oncilla is not restricted to Ukraine only. In 2019, Polish armored vehicles appeared at the Senegalese Independence Day parade.

The Oncilla armor is made at the Polish factory Mista, which produces graders for road construction.