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4th of July – US Independence Day

Independence Day is considered the birthday of the United States as a free and independent country.

Declaration of Independence

The holiday was established in honor of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence of the United States from Great Britain, which became one of the main stages of the War of Independence of 1775-1783. The United States were first mentioned in this document.

The declaration proclaimed the principle of people’s sovereignty as the basis of the state system. The right of the people to revolt and overthrow the despotic government was also established, declaring the natural rights of the individual – “to life, liberty and happiness” inviolable.
Shortly after independence, the US national flag was approved: it now features 50 stars, plus seven red stripes and six white ones, symbolizing the first 13 states to sign the Declaration. Initially, the stars on the original American flag were arranged in a circle. It was a symbol of equality of all colonies.

The Declaration of Independence was signed by 56 representatives from 13 colonies. Its main author was a prominent figure, diplomat and philosopher, 3rd President of the United States Thomas Jefferson.
Another signatory later also became President of the United States – John Adams.

Traditions of celebration

The first Independence Day celebration took place on July 8, 1776 in Philadelphia. On this day, the Declaration of Independence was read for the first time in public in the square, as announced by the Freedom Bell.
Since 1938, this holiday has become a paid day off.
It is known that turkey was offered as a traditional dish for the celebration of Independence Day by Benjamin Franklin.
Fireworks and barbecues, fast food and folk festivities are an integral part of Independence Day celebrations.

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