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Eleks Dynamics specializes in development soft for unmanned aerial and ground vehicles, video translation on distance and directional radio connection.

Unmanned ground vehicle “ET-1”

ET-1 is an autonomous multifunctional platform developed to increase human productivity and provide security. The platform is capable of operating in dangerous and inaccessible areas.
ET-1 is suitable for both military and non-military applications. It can effectively plow or sow the fields, as well as conduct reconnaissance of inaccessible or polluted areas.
The platform can be used as a tractor, combine harvester or truck at a small farm. It can also work in polluted areas fighting the consequences of tech disasters, demine fields or evacuate wounded soldiers from the battlefield.

Military applications:

• reconnaissance;
• evacuation from the battlefield;
• transportation;
• demining;
• work in areas inaccessible for humans (due to chemical or radioactive pollution);
• relaying, signal amplification or provision of power backups.