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Vadym Kodachyhov: Russia Received a Strong Signal from Ukrainian Partners

Following the United States, the Government of Canada approved the assistance to Ukraine in the delivery of lethal arms.

According to the Canada Gazette, “changes are intended to enable the Canadian exporters to apply for supplies of firearms and devices, their components or parts prohibited for free sale to Ukraine”.

In light of these decisions, I would like to mention not only the fact of supply. Due to the very doubtful reputation of our UKROBORONPROM and reasonable fears of our partners to hear in the end something like “Dumb luck!”, “On my mama!” regarding the removing of technologies given to us to countries where they …. well, do not have to be, the approval of each individual delivery will be considered carefully and meticulously.

And, it is not apparent that we will obtain exactly what we need to solve all our problems in a moment. So, keep calm … exhale three times and continue to analyze.

In my opinion, the main aspect of such decisions is not only the list of supplied products (however, of course, this list is extremely important for the successful repulsion of “fraternal” aggression), but also a strong signal to the Russians: America and Canada do not believe and even remotely plan to perceive the myths about the “internal conflict”, “civil war” and the fact that “We are not there” which are strongly supplemented by the Kremlin. America and Canada have no dependence on Russian oil and are not connected globally with the Russian capital. The Russians in America and Canada live according to the laws, violation of which has implications that are not resolved through the usual “cross my palm with silver”. As a result, an open support for Russian aggression against the sovereign state can easily be considered as support for terrorism and it may end with the sudden “expiration of visa” and dishonorable return to the “economically blooming” Motherland (… we just do not have the money yet … but be patient …) with all bonuses added to this.

And, most importantly, the principles of democracy and sovereignty are indisputable pillars of the modern world for America and Canada, which they are prepared to defend irrevocably and till the end.

Accordingly, these countries have always been and will remain the main partners of Ukraine in the struggle for its territorial integrity.

And the epilogue, in which I would like to ask ourselves: are we, the Ukrainians, ready to become the same reliable partners for them in the struggle for our own freedom?

Or … is your wallet closer to your pocket?

Vadym Kodachyhov, President of Association