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New T-Rex 14.5 mm long-range rifle from “XADO”

The brand “SNIPEX” belonging to the Kharkov chemical concern “XADO”, presented a new long-range large-caliber rifle for high-precision firing with a caliber of 14.5×114 mm.

This is reported by Defense Express with reference to the press service of the company.

The “XADO” Concern founded the “SNIPEX” brand and entered the arms market in 2016 with a long-slip gun with a 50-gauge gun. BMG, which had a trunk of its own production. Next year was SNIPEX M75 in a caliber of 12.7×108 mm and a semi-automatic rifle 14.5×114 mm. In 2018, the M75 evolved into the flagship model of the series – the SNIPEX M100.

It is noted that during the creation of the Snipex T-Rex rifle the designers relied on the wishes of the military: it should be a classic “bolt”, the minimum possible weight, without automatics, simple and trouble-free, designed for rigorous operation.

Due to the impressive power of the embankment and thanks to the characteristic drawing of the back support (monopod), this model received the working title “Tyrannosaurus” or “T-Reh”.

Нова 14,5-мм далекобійна гвинтівка T-Rex від ХАДО

The clarity is provided by the floating trunk, which is at the moment of departure of the ball in the free rollback. Some other constructional features are influenced by quantity, reports the press release.

Нова 14,5-мм далекобійна гвинтівка T-Rex від ХАДО

The weapon provides a target fire and the density is not worse than 1 mega.


The rifle shows an acceptable level of kickback when shot. The deflection is extinguished at the expense of the chamber muzzle brake compensator (DHA), the action of the isolation valve, a short rollback and an optimally balanced weight.

Нова 14,5-мм далекобійна гвинтівка T-Rex від ХАДО

Bowpup layout: The shutter group is located behind the trigger. The closing of the barrel is carried out by a longitudinally sliding swing gate, 13 battles located in three rows and provide a tight closure of the barrel. During charging, the nabia is enclosed in a box with an open shutter.

Нова 14,5-мм далекобійна гвинтівка T-Rex від ХАДО

The rifle has a height-adjustable padlip, a Picatini rack, and sophisticated females that are mounted on a skid barrel. The rifle “hung” on the pods – the axis of the trunk is below the fastening of the soup.

The additional tailgate of the special design is adjustable, providing for the possibility of precise adjustment. The rifle also has an ergonomic handle for carrying.

Нова 14,5-мм далекобійна гвинтівка T-Rex від ХАДО

The surface of the rifle is covered with special weapon paint Serakote.


Tactical and technical characteristics

Caliber, mm: 14.5 x 114
Principle of operation: l longitudinal-sliding rotary, manual recharge
Weight of the rifle with scoops, without sight, kg: 22,5
Rifle length from DHA, mm: 1830
Length of the barrel, mm: 1200
Initial velocity of a ball, m / s: 1000
Effective range of defeat, m: 3000
Maximum distance, m: 7000
Number of cuts: 8
Twist: 17″
Capacity of the store, cartridges: 1