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Attack of Russian Propaganda against Everest

An active member of the Association of Ukrainian Defense Manufacturers, the Everest Group of Companies is a leading integrator of innovations in the commercial sector and field of national security and defense. Since 1992, the company has successfully implemented more than 500 projects on the development and implementation of advanced information technologies, products and services. The technical solutions, software and equipment of Everest are used by enterprises of various industries, financial institutions, medical institutions, communication structures, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, National Guard, Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The Everest Group of Companies cooperates with ASELSAN Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. (Turkey) and Harris Corporation (the USA) on integration of radio stations and telecommunication equipment into the telecommunications system of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the framework of supplying the equipment of the mentioned producers under the state contracts.

However, there has recently been the appearance of a large number of publications without authorship on the Ukrainian and Russian resources whose purpose is to hinder the implementation in Ukraine of a contract for the packaged supply of communication facilities of foreign production to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Otherwise, it can be called as an attempt to prevent the rapid strengthening of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Today’s material is based on the results of the investigation of the causes of information attack and conversation with the director of Everest Limited, Yurii Pastukhov.

“We know well that it is a benefit for those who want Ukraine and its army to be weak. But we do not think so and we will act”. Therefore, the Director of Everest Limited, Yurii Pastukhov, commented on the bulk of negative publications that appeared in the Ukrainian and, of course, Russian mass media this week.

The refurbishment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with new communication systems is one of the most important and urgent tasks related to the real increase of the combat capability of the Ukrainian army. The acquisition of modern digital stations for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other armed units of our country is the first step towards the creation of a new type of army, the escape from systemic vulnerability and, ultimately, the way to save the lives of our soldiers. That is why it is absolutely impossible to delay the decision of this problem.

The relevant contract for the supply of Turkish communication equipment under the state guarantee of the Government of Ukraine was signed between the state-owned enterprise “Spetstechnoexport” and Aselsan on October 9 in Kiev within the framework of the visit of the President of Turkey Recep Erdogan to Ukraine. After that, Aselsan informed its shareholders in a stock exchange notice about the signing an agreement with the Ukrainian client for the purchase of communications systems to the amount of $ 43.635 million, that led to an increase of the company’s shares value. According to information, the deliveries will be made in 2018. The completion of the documentary is expected by the end of 2017, after the signing of the loan agreement between the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and Turk Eximbank, with which the agreements on work under the state guarantees of Ukraine were reached under the minimum percentage.

But a lot of similar publications appeared during this week, in which the reality acquired a completely different interpretation. The starting point is the publications on the resource “comments.ua” under the bright headings “Means of communication for the Army and National Police supplied by a company that is suspected of money laundering”; “Turks “wasted” Avakov: it became known how 100 million dollars were stolen in the Ministry of Internal Affairs”. These materials are without authorship, but they spread throughout the Ukrainian and Russian Internet space. They wondered once again about the expediency of purchasing the Turkish radio stations, hinting at “opacity of supplier choice” and presence of “corruption schemes”.

So, as it turned out, the attack on our rearmament lasts. Everest Limited has become now a special focus area for competitors or foreign (read – Russian) opponents.

We asked the Head of Everest Limited, Yurii Pastukhov, how the company took an unexpected massive informational attack and whether the publications are true or not.

– There is no truth, as well as all that is written has nothing to do with us, including an unreasonable mention of the name of Everest Limited regarding the signing of contracts with the military or the police. According to our legislation, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and Ministry of Internal Affairs cannot buy foreign equipment and machinery, as it is defined by law. All contracts are signed by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and Ministry of Internal Affairs through special exporters. In this case, Everest Limited has no relation to the signing of these contracts. And, of course, did not affect the situation. This choice was made by the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Internal Affairs. The selection procedure, to ensure the objectivity and correctness of the choice, has been repeatedly described in detail in the press more than once.

Upon completion of the test there was signed an act, which shows the results and technical superiority of the Turkish radio stations in a number of key parameters. The test methods and test results are well known to both the Turkish and Israeli parties that participated in the trials.

Therefore, I cannot see any point in talking about it again.

At the same time, I will mention another thing that is important to us. Taking into consideration the urgency of the issue of equipping the Ukrainian army with new communication systems and making timely decisions on the purchase of Turkish military communication systems, the development of cooperation between the  Turkish and Ukrainian companies, the beginning of the training phase of the Ukrainian military on the use of new communication systems in the context of combat conditions, all discussions and publications about the groundlessness of such decisions should be regarded as the undermining of the combat capability of the Ukrainian army.

– Is Everest Limited an official representative of Aselsan in Ukraine?

– When it comes to the supply of military products and other aspects of this activity, the contractual obligations exist only between Aselsan and the foreign trade company “Spetstechnoexport” and, accordingly, between Spetstechnonexport and the Ministry of Defense. We do not participate in this. In its turn, Everest Company, as agreed with Aselsan, provides the conditions for the Turkish production to be used as efficiently as possible. Thus, the Aselsan-Everest Training Center was established in Kyiv. Its purpose is to provide the future users with basic knowledge of operators of all types of Aselsan’s equipment, which is supplied and is planned to be supplied to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We provide service and warranty support for Aselsan products as well, which are supplied to Ukraine.

– Will Everest Limited respond to publications aimed at eroding the trust in your company from the foreign partners?

– Such publications speculate on the stereotype that in our country all is corrupted and it is better not to deal with it. But the pumping up this image prevents the implementation of quite practical tasks, namely: to disrupt or slow down the implementation of those projects that are directly related to the increase of the combat capability of our army. Only an enemy may be interested in this. So, is it surprising that the negative bulk of publications regarding the rearmament of the Ukrainian army to the new communication systems is initially provoked and “dispersed” by Internet resources that at one time were bought up by the oligarchs who settled in Russia today?

All these publications have neither authorship nor name. But they are trying to harm our business reputation. This is an attempt to undermine confidence in both Ukraine and us from the foreign partners. And we cannot fail to react to this. Our lawyers have already been tasked with ensuring the actions aimed at bringing to justice those who spread false information. We are well aware that this is beneficial to those who want Ukraine and its Army to be weak. But we do not think so and we will act.


Volodymyr TKACH, Defense Express