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YUNASKO is the developer of the leading technology for the electrical energy storage. Company develops ultracapacitors and lithium-ion capacitors, which present a type of energy storage devices characterized by prominent power, safety and longevity characteristics – well above conventional batteries.

YUNASKO’s low internal resistance technology in their ultracapacitors and Lithium-ion capacitors creates three to five times higher power than anyone else on the market. This extra power boost results in a lower weight and cost of a standard module system. Low resistance also results in twice the available energy, delivering more energy in a time interval up to 6 seconds and/or a higher current /power rating. The technology also reduces heat generation by treble, requiring no active cooling, resulting in improved safety.

YUNASKO ultracapacitors were tested by the independent experts at: Institute of Transportation Studies (UC Davis, USA), JME Inc. (USA), Wayne State University (USA). All test confirmed superior power performance and efficiency of YUNASKO devices.

YUNASKO carried out projects with Supelec (France), Peugeot – Citroen Group (France), Renault (France), BFFT GmbH (Germany), BOSCH (Germany), VW Group (Germany) and MTS Systems (USA), SAFRAN/Airbus (France), MOOG (USA), Electro Standard Labs (USA), BASMAN Technology (Korea), US Air Force etc.

Typical military applications for ultracapacitors are as follows:

▶ Tank engine cold cranking

▶ Laser and electromagnetic weapons

▶ Weapon stabilization system

▶ Active anti-missile defence


YUNASKO has experience in building energy storage system for high-demanding military applications.