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Proximus LLC was established in year 2001 and is an engineering company providing unique leading edge solutions in telecommunications and system integration. Our solutions are designed primarily for law enforcement agencies, border and coast guard, police and military. Several products and solutions in our portfolio are dealing with wireless industry and data communications. We have deep roots in microwave technology and can offer power amplifiers and high performance RF ancillaries for applications that require optimization of power, bandwidth, linearity, efficiency and size.

Our engineering team also provides a number of services to cellular carriers including networks optimization and bench marking, backdoors detection, cellular infrastructure outsourcing and maintaining various indoor network solutions.

We have expertise in the development and manufacturing of the following products:

• IMSI / IMEI catchers and direction finders
• Cellular subscribers real time SS7-based location detection
• Military communications solutions and mission critical applications
• Electronic warfare and IEDs jammers
• Antenna arrays and purpose spesific antenna systems
• Specialized software for law enforcement and national security agencies
• Civil applications of cellular technology and custom developed software
• Wireless networks for public infrastructure
• Life saving equipment and solutions