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Government relations

Established in 2017, the Association of Ukrainian Defense Manufacturers (AUDM) provides a forum in which members can discuss and find solutions to common problems affecting business in Ukraine. This initiative was initially supported by Volunteers Council under the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and has grown to become one of the largest and most influential defense industry business communities in the country. With more than seventy members, AUDM is the largest premier union of businesses operating in the Ukrainian market.

The Association of Ukrainian Defense Manufacturers (AUDM) provides a platform for the defense industry leaders, scientists and government to work out solutions and policies aimed at ensuring the national interests and meeting the needs in defense area by focusing on the development of defense industry of Ukraine.

If you are looking for a high quality government relations advisor, an accelerator in building meaningful relationships with the government, or a guide to your fellow businesspeople in Ukraine, the AUDM is the place to be. We have relationships with numerous big-name companies to truly provide the best of the best for our members.

The AUDM has it all – not only does it offer a great networking and lobbying platform and personal advice on a national scale, the organization also contributes to the U.S.-Ukraine relationship and cooperation. The Association is negotiating with the countries of Europe and the Middle East on the construction of bilateral partnerships at the level of non-governmental organizations and business.