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Ukrainian-Turkish combat module “Serdar” has passed fire tests and is ready for serial production July 2, 2019



Qualifying tests of the first Ukrainian-Turkish military module “Serdar” completed by the order of third countries have been completed in Ukraine. Henceforth, the joint development of the Turkish company “Aselsan” and the enterprises of the DK “Ukroboronprom” – DKBB “LUC” and “Spetstechnoeksport” is ready for serial supply within the framework of an existing contract with a foreign customer. It is expected that in future the defense agencies of Ukraine and Turkey will be of interest to the new system, Spetstechnoexport reports.

The Turkish company acted as the developer and integrator of the combat module, in particular, systems for stabilizing and controlling the fire, targets capture and tracking systems, day and night surveillance channels. In turn, “Spetstechnoeksport” provides the delivery of guided missiles developed and produced by the “DAC” LUC “, and guidance and control systems to them.

“Serdar” is a universal remotely controlled and stabilized weapon system that provides high-efficiency defense and offensive operations against ground targets during the day and night, under all weather conditions.

The main weapon of the combat module is the mobile version of the high-precision anti-tank complex “Skif” with two (in separate versions – four) launchers for rockets RK-2C.

These high-precision 130 mm caliber missiles are capable of destroying the target at a distance of 5 km and punching armor in the thickness of 800 mm with dynamic protection. Also, the weapons system is equipped with two machine guns 12.7 mm and 7.62 mm. In addition, at the request of customers, on the combat module can be installed launchers with rockets RK-2M caliber 152 mm. In this case, the flight range of the guided missile will be 5.5 km, and armor piercing will increase to 1100 mm in dynamic protection.

Due to its low weight, the combat module can be integrated into various types of military vehicles, significantly increasing their combat capability. The new fire control system allows you to carry out all the combat tasks inside the vehicle with high precision.

This project is the first example of a joint promotion of Ukrainian-Turkish defense products in the markets of third countries. For the first time, the Ukrainian-Turkish combat module was demonstrated during the test in Ukraine in May 2018.

Recall that during the international defense exhibition IDEF’19 in Istanbul, a contract was signed between the Ukrainian enterprise Spetstechnoexport and the Turkish state corporation “MKEK” for the supply of 120 mm of guided missiles “Cone” produced by the State Enterprise “DUKB” LUC “.

Also, during the IDEF’19, Spetstechnoexport signed a series of contracts with the Turkish company “Aselsan” for the supply of military goods for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other force units. In particular, it is a cooling fan for installing on systems of guided anti-tank weapons, as well as regular batches of secured radio communication VHF band.v