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Ukraine – Arab relations.

The Association of Manufacturers of Armaments and Military Equipment of Ukraine continues its work on expanding ties in foreign markets and seeking international partners in the development of armaments and military equipment of Ukraine.

Today, Ukrainian companies are actively developing relations with the Arab world. Confirmation of this is the joint participation of a number of private companies in Ukraine with the world-class Saudi-based company “Science Technology” at the IDEX 2019. This is another step in expanding the opportunities for private Ukrainian companies to enter the world’s arms markets.

I would also like to express my thanks to our friends and partners in Saudi Arabia, the leadership and the staff of the Science Technology office in Ukraine for the opportunity to take part in the international exhibition of armaments and security technologies – IDEX 2019, which involves leading manufacturers from around the world, work and assistance in promoting the production of a private Ukrainian defense industrial complex to the world market, including the countries of the Middle East. With the help of our partners, we hope to reach the fundamentally new levels of development of arms and to improve the image of the state of the defense industry of Ukraine.

Expected results already exist. For three days at the exhibition, we have a lot of customers and high interest from the world community. Finally, Ukraine becomes known among private arms producers, which will undoubtedly have an effective impact on the development of the investment climate and, in general, on the development of a new model for the functioning of the defense industry in Ukraine. the world.

Director of the Association

Ruslan Jalilov.