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Turkish connection for the Army of Ukraine

Turkish connection for the Army of Ukraine

For our days, the Ukrainian company “Everest Limited” is a member of the Association of Manufacturers of Weapons and Military Machinery of Ukraine. It is worth noting that thanks to the close cooperation of Everest Limited with one of the largest Turkish defense manufacturers and a part-time partner of the Aselsan Association, the possibility of rearming the Armed Forces subdivisions with modern tactical digital SDR radio stations of NATO standards is expanding. Yes, today, Everest is ready to offer the ASU a range of REES products manufactured by Aselsan, in particular KANGAL and KiRPi family devices, which may be purchased in the order of interest in the prescribed manner.

On May 29, 2017, testing of VHF radio stations of Turkish and Israeli manufacturers conducted by Ukrainian military forces began. The paradox of the situation is that at the end of last year such tests have already been carried out. Then at the invitation of the Ministry of Defense to submit their products to the tender responded by the American company Harris and the Turkish Aselsan.

At the same time, there were several criteria for choosing winners: the ratio of “efficiency-cost”, technical capabilities of radio stations; compliance with NATO standards; the possibility of integration into the existing communication system of the Armed Forces; the ability of procured communications systems to meet the requirements of both ground forces and aviation and naval forces; the possibility and depth of transfer of technologies, economic aspects – the possibility of implementing the offset program – and credit conditions.

According to the results of those tests, the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as representatives of other power structures of Ukraine, were fully solidary and unanimous. The head of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Major-General Volodymyr Rapko, once again confirmed at the hearings of the parliamentary defense and security committee: “According to the specialists of the Main Directorate of Communication of the National Guard, the Security Service of Ukraine, the State Service for Special Communications and Protection the information that is most suitable for today is the means of special connection of the Turkish firm Aselsan “, – said V. Rapko.

These decisions from the Ukrainian side were previously documented in relevant acts and decisions at different levels of responsibility – from the communications forces to the Minister of Defense, the NSH and the leadership of the CNSDU. The budget for 2017 has already allocated funds for the purchase of VHF communications systems. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine can purchase about 600 radio stations of the VHF band for the amount of UAH 0.5 billion. already by the end of the year.

However, repeated trials began in Ukraine. On the field competitors competitors of system solutions from Aselsan are UHF radio stations from the Israeli company Elbit Systems.

Aselsan is customer oriented. If Ukraine needs a second round of trials to make a decision, they are ready to participate in it. At the same time, the company is confident in its products, its strengths and capabilities. “- Director of the military affairs of the Turkish company Aselsan Tolga Goal. He also assured that the company Aselsan offers Ukraine the most up-to-date developments, which are also used by the Turkish army. The technologies we offer to Ukraine are the latest.

Today the radio stations of the Turkish company Aselsan have been tested in combat conditions of many hot spots in the world. The said radio stations were tested in the opponent’s REB conditions. In the context of military conflicts, the connection is always suppressed by the enemy, and our radio stations are able to withstand silencing systems. Formulas used in radio stations, designed to not operate at a certain frequency, use technologies that allow you to avoid radio-suppression of the enemy. During the time of the export of radio stations Aselsan in a number of states that have used them in zones of military conflicts, complaints about their work were not received.

Now the next stage of the testing of the equipment of the company Aselsan, which will be used REB French production system. The company is confident that their radio stations are opposed to the actions of more sophisticated REB systems. After all, radio stations have already been tested in Ukraine in December last year, and they were successful.

Radio stations are built on flexible technological solutions, their architecture can be changed depending on the wishes of the customer. We offer working modes that allow you to integrate existing radio stations with our radio stations.

At the Istanbul IDEF-2017 exhibition, Aselsan showed its most up-to-date radio station “SUGAR”. This is the latest and greatest development, top-notch technology. It is equipped with a touchscreen system, programs can be flooded with it on the same principle as on a smartphone, it uses the latest Djidil development. As for its sale to Ukraine, everything is possible. Of course, you will have to obtain an export license for it, but this is a work item.

The Turkish side is ready to convey not only ready-made samples but also technologies for the independent production of such samples. Technology transfer is the main distinguishing feature of Aselsan compared to its competitors.