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New Life of MT-LB from “VK Sistema”


The private enterprise VK Sistema was created in 2010. It became the basis for the expansion and consolidation of several enterprises and research and development (technical) groups that worked independently beforehand. All participants (individual specialists and teams), who became the part of the current research and production company, have an extensive experience and own history in the field from 5 to 25 years on the design, development, manufacture, repair and modernization of special-purpose military product: armored vehicles, automotive, engineering, artillery and other equipment.

VK Sistema started its activity in a new format from joint projects with the enterprises of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and Ukroboronprom. Initially, the company’s division’s repaired and upgraded the individual units, gradually moving on to repair the entire products. And all this time, from the very beginning the enterprise kept a high level of production, reaching the export quality level of all, without exception, blocks, units and products that left the VK Sistema’s workshops.

With the commencement of hostilities in the Eastern Ukraine, the issue of repair and modernization of military equipment in all uniformed services of Ukraine, involved in the ATO, has become very acute. And the experience of the VK Sistema’s team in the rapid and, most importantly, high-quality repair of Soviet design equipment became very useful.

Large quantities of equipment have been partially or completely repaired at the enterprise in 2014-2017. At the same time, everybody, who saw this equipment “before” and “after”, is impressed with the impeccable quality of post-repair equipment of the authorship of the masters from Vasylkov city. They look as if they have been just manufactured.

One of the main projects of the company is the creation of an armored medical evacuation vehicle MT-LB S on the basis of the MT-LB’s chassis, the main purpose of which is the medical evacuation with the providing of the first medical aid.

The company is also involved in repairing the MT-LB’s chassis for the Air Defense System of the Ground Forces.

As you can see in the photos, VK Sistema showed the excellent quality of work in this contract. And its products successfully pass the acceptance tests.

The highly qualified personnel, unique equipment, rich experience in various types of work on the manufacture, modernization and repair of weapons and military equipment, flexibility in production reconfiguring by types and range of products allow VK Sistema to conduct the effective and fruitful mutually beneficial cooperation with many Ukrainian and foreign enterprises.


AUDM Press Service